Epilepsy and flying – what to do at the airport

17th July 2019

Having epilepsy should not prevent a person from being able to travel, whether it’s for work or to enjoy a much needed holiday. However, for many people with epilepsy travel may be problematic, particularly when it involves flying.  Many people with epilepsy may have their seizures triggered when they’re tired, which is likely to be…

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Category: Leisure

GLUT1 Deficiency Syndrome

12th June 2019

GLUT1 Deficiency Syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the brains metabolism by inhibiting the flow of glucose from the blood into the brain. GLUT1 is the protein that’s responsible for ensuring that the brain receives adequate glucose, which is the main source of fuel for the brain. A lack of glucose can lead to…

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Category: Syndromes

Does more need to be done to safeguard people with photosensitive epilepsy online?

5th June 2019

There are approximately 20,000 people in the UK who have photosensitive epilepsy. At present, there are guidelines on warnings for films and TV to warn those who may be affected by flashing images. However, there have been recent calls that the government needs to do more to safeguard people who are watching videos online. There…

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Category: Living with Epilepsy, Seizures

What causes epilepsy?

29th May 2019

Epilepsy is a rather broad terminology for a group of symptoms that has one thing in common, seizures that arise in the brain. As such, there is a broad range of potential causes that can lead to a person being diagnosed with epilepsy. Causes of epilepsy can be incredibly complex and are often difficult to…

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Category: Seizures

Tips for taking epilepsy medication

23rd May 2019

For many people with epilepsy, this may mean taking lifelong medication, also known as AEDs. In many cases, this requires taking the medication consistently at regular times of the day. After all, a missed dose or accidentally taking an extra dose can potentially lead to a seizure. Keeping track of medication can be a challenge…

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Category: Treatments

University and epilepsy

4th May 2019

It’s around this time of year that many students will already be making plans to go to university at the end of Summer. There’s a lot to consider: which university to go to, where to live, what to study and much more. It’s an exciting time and is often the first time that a young…

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Category: Education