Acupuncture and Epilepsy – A Potential Treatment Option?

19th October 2021

Many people with epilepsy will understandably look for various treatment options in a quest to control their seizures or lessen their frequency and severity. Acupuncture is one such treatment that many people with epilepsy will consider or try and in this article we’ll discuss it as a treatment option, as well as a quick look…

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Epilepsy and Night Shifts – How They Can Impact Seizures

12th October 2021

Many people work on shifts which involve them doing night shifts, working through the night when they would normally be sleeping. Whilst this may be acceptable for most of the population of night shift workers, this can be a problem for people with epilepsy as a major disruption to sleeping patterns can be responsible for…

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Category: Advice, Living with Epilepsy

Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Diet and Epilepsy

5th October 2021

The MCT diet is sometimes used to help treat epilepsy in children and reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. The diet is similar in many ways to the classical ketogenic diet, but the MCT simply refers to an oil called medium chain triglyceride that makes the diet more varied and allows the child to…

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Category: Education, Living with Epilepsy

Epilepsy and Creativity – Can Epilepsy Have An Effect on Creative Abilities?

27th September 2021

Epilepsy has long since been known to have an effect on the chemistry of the brain and the neural pathways. Depending on the type and severity of a person’s epilepsy, it can affect a great deal of things, including their personality and ability to think clearly. Therefore, a reasonable question could be whether epilepsy can…

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Energy Drinks and Epilepsy – Should They Be Avoided?

20th September 2021

Many people enjoy energy drinks. In fact, somewhere between 30% and 70% of adults are classed as frequent consumers. Energy drinks can be ideal for providing a caffeine hit and some easy access energy when it’s most needed, especially for those who don’t drink coffee and there are a lot of people who simply enjoy…

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Category: Leisure, Living with Epilepsy, Seizures

ADHD and Epilepsy – Is There a Link?

13th September 2021

Findings from a 2015 study undertaken by Dr Allen Ettinger and published in the medical journal Epilepsia suggested that more than 18% of adults with epilepsy also had symptoms of Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).  Not only that, but children with ADHD have been found to be more at risk of having seizures, with 14% developing…

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