Is It Possible to Grow Out of Epilepsy?

6th December 2021

When a child is diagnosed with epilepsy, one of the first questions asked by parents is often “What does the future look like? Will my child always have epilepsy?”. Epilepsy is extremely varied and can affect each person diagnosed in different ways. Some people with epilepsy will have a handful of seizures in their entire…

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What is Epilepsy Awareness?

2nd December 2021

As you may already know, here at National Epilepsy Training, our epilepsy awareness training courses are designed to ensure that anyone who may need to be is aware of epilepsy and knows how to react in emergency situations. This could include parents, teachers, employers, carers or nurses and other healthcare professionals.  In this post though,…

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Epilepsy Misdiagnosis – Can it Happen and How?

29th November 2021

Unfortunately, the misdiagnosis of epilepsy is fairly commonplace and it can have a significant impact on the person who has received the misdiagnosis. Epilepsy misdiagnosis continues to be a huge problem, as it’s estimated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that up to 70% of people living with epilepsy could be seizure-free, but only if…

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Epilepsy and Vivid Dreams: What’s the Connection? 

26th October 2021

Epilepsy and sleep has been the subject of many studies proving conclusively that the two are linked in various ways. One of the more debated and less studied areas, however, is the impact of epilepsy on a person’s dreams. Many people with epilepsy have reported that their dream content is much more vivid and emotional…

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Acupuncture and Epilepsy – A Potential Treatment Option?

19th October 2021

Many people with epilepsy will understandably look for various treatment options in a quest to control their seizures or lessen their frequency and severity. Acupuncture is one such treatment that many people with epilepsy will consider or try and in this article we’ll discuss it as a treatment option, as well as a quick look…

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Epilepsy and Night Shifts – How They Can Impact Seizures

12th October 2021

Many people work on shifts which involve them doing night shifts, working through the night when they would normally be sleeping. Whilst this may be acceptable for most of the population of night shift workers, this can be a problem for people with epilepsy as a major disruption to sleeping patterns can be responsible for…

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