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As part of our legal services we communicate with instructing legal teams for a wide range of purposes. Our team is experienced in lending their expert knowledge and providing accurate and insightful assessments and reports. 

Part 35 Reports

We are well versed in writing Part 35 Reports to assess that duty of care has been upheld at all times. We’re passionate about ensuring that care is held to the highest of standards and providing expert advice as to whether there has, in our opinion, been a lapse in the expected standard of care for an individual.

Screening Report

Our team can provide a report to assist an instructing legal team in decision making for their case. We’re experienced in cases relating to healthcare and ensure a thorough and accurate report every time.

Care & Prognosis Report

Our experience means we are able to write care & prognosis reports that provides an expert opinion on how epilepsy might affect a client in the future.

We work fast and efficiently to provide accurate reports of the highest quality and always take a conscientious and impartial view to ensure validity. We have worked alongside legal team on a wide variety of cases providing a range of reports.

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