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It’s incredibly important that those managing people with epilepsy are armed with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently manage the symptoms of epilepsy. 

Our comprehensive support staff training covers a wide range of topics, including:

Managing seizures

We cover the practical and theoretical implications of managing an person who is experiencing a seizure. Learn to confidently assess the situation and take the appropriate actions.

Keeping service users safe

Learn how to ensure the continued safety of a service user that’s in your care. We provide detailed knowledge and experience on the best practices for keeping a service user healthy and safe.

Other key epilepsy issues

People with epilepsy will often experience more adverse effects than just seizures. This training course will help support staff to accurately identify key issues and take appropriate action.

In addition, participants on this course will learn the importance of epilepsy support plans and undertake risk assessments for service users.

Available via video call

This service can be carried out by our experienced professionals in person or remotely using suitable technologies, such as video conferencing, phone calls, email and messaging. Our team are able to work in ways that suit the individual needs of each client effectively and accurately whilst working at a distance.

This option can be useful for those who live in areas that are difficult to access, as well as to ensure social distancing. As always, our care services are fully tailored to the individual. Enquire today and get more information on how our staff can provide this care service remotely and ensure continuity of service effectively.

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