Epilepsy Rescue Medication – What is it and How Does it Work?

26th May 2022

For most people with epilepsy, seizures will last for less than 5 minutes or even seconds and will stop by themselves with no need for intervention. However, in some cases, seizures can continue for much longer without ceasing or a person can experience one seizure after another with no time to recover in between. These…

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6 Epilepsy Awareness Facts (and Myths) That You Should Know

19th May 2022

Awareness of epilepsy is a topic that we’re very passionate about here at National Epilepsy Training. Our range of epilepsy awareness training courses are designed to give people the information and tools they need to care for people with epilepsy full time or just be able to help in an emergency situation (common with teachers…

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Stress and Epilepsy – Can Stress Trigger Seizures?

3rd March 2022

Stress is a relative term that can be different for each person. For some people, it can be as a result of emotional trauma, and for others it could be a tough week at work. Epilepsy and seizures can also affect each person differently. There are a lot of correlations between stress and seizure activity,…

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The Role of an Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

24th February 2022

Whether you’re a nurse or student who’s considering specialising a future in epilepsy, understanding what the role entails is important.  An incredibly rewarding role, epilepsy specialist nurses provide a key role in ensuring that people with epilepsy have consistent care. Working exclusively with adults and children who have epilepsy, they provide specialised care services and…

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Getting a Blue Badge With Epilepsy (And Other Benefits You Could Claim)

17th February 2022

Many people with epilepsy will often wonder about their right to claim certain benefits, including the blue badge scheme. The blue badge scheme was set up in the UK to help people with disabilities and enable them to park as close to their intended destination as possible.  Once a blue badge has been issued it…

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4 Ways to Effectively Support Someone With Epilepsy

10th February 2022

Whether you’re a carer, partner, friend, teacher, employer, coworker or anyone else who has a person with epilepsy in their life, knowing how to support them is crucial. To support someone does not necessarily mean that you are their sole source of care, it may simply mean that you spend regular time with them and…

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