Information for people newly diagnosed with epilepsy

22nd January 2018

If you or one of your loved ones has been recently diagnosed with epilepsy, you may be worried and quite rightly have some questions. The first thing you should know is not to panic, most people who are diagnosed with epilepsy are able to carry on leading the life they lead beforehand, but often with…

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Category: Seizures

Epilepsy and Education – Effectively managing a child with epilepsy at school

9th January 2018

Many parents are quite rightly concerned with how their child is looked after at school once they have been diagnosed with epilepsy. In most cases, children with epilepsy will need very little support if their epilepsy is under control with medicine. However, a growing issue is that many schools and places of education are underprepared…

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Category: Education

Information on employing someone with epilepsy

13th December 2017

If you are an employer and you employ someone or are considering employing someone with epilepsy then you need to be aware of how their epilepsy might affect their work. If you already employ someone with epilepsy, the first step is to talk to your employee and make sure you are fully informed about their…

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Category: Living with Epilepsy

“Can I drive with epilepsy?” – Get the facts…

28th November 2017

Whether you already hold a licence, or you’re hoping to apply for one for the first time, it’s a legal requirement that you tell the DVLA (For UK) about your epilepsy. So, what does this mean for people with epilepsy? It’s a common myth that if you have epilepsy you will never be able to…

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Category: Living with Epilepsy