Creating Epilepsy-Friendly Events: Guidelines for Accessibility

14th March 2024

Hosting events that prioritise inclusivity and accessibility is crucial for individuals with epilepsy. Explore the steps and guidelines for organising epilepsy-friendly events that cater to diverse needs, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Venue Considerations

Discuss selecting venues with features like clear signage, well-lit spaces, and easy navigation to minimise triggers and potential hazards for individuals with epilepsy.

Seizure-Safe Lighting and Sound 

Explore the importance of choosing lighting and sound options that minimize the risk of triggering seizures, including the use of soft lighting and adjustable sound levels.

Accessible Seating Arrangements

Provide insights into arranging seating to accommodate individuals who may need easy access to exits or prefer specific locations within the venue for better visibility and comfort.

Communication and Signage

Discuss the significance of clear communication about the event, including seizure triggers and emergency procedures. Highlight the use of accessible signage for directions and important information.

Event Staff Training 

Emphasise the importance of training event staff to recognize and respond appropriately to seizures, ensuring a supportive and informed environment for all attendees.

Quiet Spaces

Address the need for designated quiet spaces within the event venue, offering a retreat for individuals who may need a break or experience sensory overload.

Epilepsy Awareness Booths

Propose the inclusion of information booths dedicated to epilepsy awareness, providing resources, educational materials, and contacts for support organizations.

Accessible Technology

Explore the integration of technology to enhance accessibility, such as live captioning for presentations, accessible event apps, and sensory-friendly interactive displays.

Community Collaboration

Highlight the benefits of collaborating with local epilepsy support groups, healthcare professionals, and accessibility experts to ensure that events are inclusive and responsive to diverse needs.

Pre-Event Communication

Discuss the importance of transparent communication before the event, providing attendees with information about the event’s epilepsy-friendly features and encouraging them to share their specific needs.

By incorporating these guidelines into event planning, your organisation can contribute to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment, fostering a sense of community among individuals with epilepsy and their supporters.

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