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At National Epilepsy Training, we provide world class epilepsy training and care services to a wide range of organisations, practitioners, managers and individuals. We have one goal, to become the leading provider of epilepsy training and care in the UK.

Services we offer

At National Epilepsy Training, we provide a number of comprehensive services for our clients, including training courses, care services and expert witness and legal reports.

Training Courses

We provide training for epilepsy awareness and a wide range of other courses for healthcare professionals, educational staff, support teams and the general public. All of our courses are led by experts who provide a comprehensive understanding alongside solid learning outcomes.

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We have a range of care services related to the successful management of epilepsy, including ensuring that a comprehensive support plan is in place. Our experts are passionate about high-quality health care and improving the quality of life for people with epilepsy.

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The advice centre is our online resource for free information and advice on our services. Our blog posts cover a broad range of topics and knowledge that our clients may find useful.

Recognizing and Managing Postictal States in Epilepsy: A Comprehensive Guide

11th April 2024

Epilepsy can present various challenges for individuals and their caregivers. Beyond the seizure itself, many may not be familiar with the postictal state, a crucial phase that follows a seizure. Understanding and effectively managing postictal states is essential for providing optimal care and support to those living with epilepsy. What is a Postictal State? The…

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New Sodium Valproate Measures Announced by the EU

4th April 2024

Valproate prescriptions for men with epilepsy are now subject to precautionary measures across the European Union (EU), as announced by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). These measures align with the guidelines set by the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) but are comparatively less stringent. In the UK, individuals under the age of…

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