About this course

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing health threats in the UK with the number of diagnosis more than doubling since 1996. It affects approximately 1 in 17 people in the UK with 3.2 million diagnosed and a further 630,000 estimated to be undiagnosed (source: www.diabetes.org).

The purpose of this training course is to provide those who work in the management of diabetes with the knowledge and confidence necessary to effectively manage a person with diabetes. This includes healthcare professionals who are seeking specialist knowledge, such as nurses, as well as care workers, care home managers, teachers, family and anybody else who is part of the care team for a person with diabetes.

Throughout the course, participants will gain insight into diabetes, as well as the history of the metabolic disorder and the various types of diabetes. You will also gain an understanding of the symptoms, causes and perhaps most importantly how to effectively document and individual care plan and its importance as part of an individuals care and support.

Course Content

  • What is Diabetes?
  • History of Diabetes
  • Prevalence of Diabetes in the UK
  • Prevalence of Diabetes Worldwide
  • How Diabetes affects the body: normal state/Diabetes state
  • Several types of Diabetes: most common
  • Type 1 Diabetes: Causes, age of onset, symptoms and clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment
  • Impact of diagnosis
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Causes, age of onset, symptoms and clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention
  • Impact of diagnosis.
  • Maturity Onset of Diabetes in the Young (MODY): Causes, age of onset, symptoms and clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults (LADA)
  • Other diseases influencing Diabetes
  • Insulin therapy
  • Individualised care plans
  • Complications of Type 1 Diabetes: Diabetic Keto-Acidosis (DKA), hospital admission and emergency treatment
  • Complications of Type 2
  • The future for individuals with diabetes: Latest research
  • Driving regulations set out by the DLA
  • Support organisations: Diabetes UK, JDFR

Learning outcomes

  • Delegates will gain a better understanding of the physiology of Diabetes
  • Delegates will have a better understanding of the different types of Diabetes and the management of each
  • Delegates will have a better recognition of the newly diagnosed
  • Delegates will have a greater understanding of recognising a diabetes emergency and their role that can support a good outcome

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