The Lack of Specialist Nurses

11th October 2017

In an ideal NHS world, there would be an abundance of highly trained Specialist Nurses working across every specialism. The value of Specialist Nurse resources has been proved time and again. Unfortunately, the funding is not forthcoming for this requirement and many more fundamentals of our service.

As a Specialist Epilepsy Clinical Lead Nurse in the NHS, I felt my role was not only of massive support to my patients but also to the multi-disciplinary team (MTD). Although I now work in my own private sector business my focus is to find effective solutions to aid the NHS budget gaps.

My ambition for my specialism is to see Community, Learning Disability and Paediatric Nurses along with other care staff and Paramedics trained in Epilepsy Awareness and the administration of rescue medication.

This cost-effective and time-efficient training will not provide a team of specialist nursing staff but will provide a greater reach of patient care across whole NHS organisations.

Recently in the news, Wales was highlighted for its lack of Specialist Epilepsy Nurses but with the average cost being high to train a specialist nurse and all the other crushing financial obligations the health service has it is vital at this stage at least to find ways of elevating this issue. My view is that more awareness training across the MTD would go a long way to help.